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Creation of business environment to support the development of the biggest IT Hub in Eastern Europe

About Us

Who we are and why we were created

Digital Ukraine is a non-governmental union, that was created with the objective to enable Ukraine achieve the status of European and world-wide leader in the IT sector, by supporting the development of an IT-ecosystem.

The first step in realizing this objective is providing assistance to the Government of Ukraine for establishing a supportive business environment and strengthening the appeal of Ukraine to all types of IT companies; by implementing the Diia City project.

Our goal is to support the work of the Project Office under the authority of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, which will perform legal, analytical, communication functions for the successful implementation of the project.

Organization Team

Natalia Veremeeva


Experienced community builder, director of TechUkraine and former CEO of Kyiv IT Cluster, Nataly is passionate about building large scale solutions with the effect for the whole ecosystem and uniting community around ambitious goals.

Project Concept

We suggest to create a competitive model of the economy for further transformation of the entire country. TO CREATE the world’s first virtual business country for a creative economy.

Diia City a virtual digital country with no limits for new investments, jobs and cutting-edge technological developments. This is a place, where the state regulation is minimal, and which will thrive with the creation of innovative products and multinational companies of any size. Where Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs have the opportunity to bring to life the most ambitious and innovative business ideas. We believe that by combining the world’s best practices we can make a difference


Labor taxes
  • 5% labour tax
  • single social payment 22% of the minimum wage
  • 1.5% military tax

Taxes on the company and its members
  • 9% on "withdrawn capital" or 18% on profit (the object of taxation is chosen at the discretion of the company)
  • 0% on the income of an individual received as dividends, if they were not distributed for 2 or more years

To stimulate angelic investment
  • tax rebate (from personal income tax) on the amount of investment in Ukrainian startups

Protection Against Lawlessness 

  • Procedural safeguards against unjustified deletion of computer data and computer systems
  • A separate procedure for expert examination of removed media
  • Strengthening the responsibility of law enforcement officials for violating procedural norms in the implementation of investigative actions
Labor Code Recession

  • Promotion of the contractual form of registration of relations between residents of Action City and their employees (GIG-contracts)
  • The provisions of the Labor Code may be applied at the request of the parties
  • Implementation: NDA, NSA, NCA, CAN


For business

Diia City 

NACE codes

Average salary is 

1200 EUR
The share of income from these activities

Number of employees / GIG-specialists for the reporting period
9+ persons

For statups

Diia city

NACE codes
The amount of annual income

1200 EUR
The share of income from these activities

Not earlier than 24 months

Business Community Support

All Diia City initiatives are discussed and agreed with the broader IT community of Ukraine to take into consideration as many views and experiences and develop a truly working tool that serves best the interests of the entire IT industry.

The largest business associations issued a letter of support for the initiatives the Diia City project is based on.

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